Modern Tools for Dangerous Goods Compliance

Dangerous Good Compliance

In our modern society, we have an abundance of options to fulfill the need for compliance with dangerous goods regulations. Gone are the days of having to attend in-person training and having to hand-write shipping papers. While some may still prefer the more traditional way of doing things, many of us have adopted more efficient and contemporary web-based solutions to help us stay compliant. Here is some information on these modern tools for dangerous goods compliance.

Online Hazmat Training

A common challenge for dangerous goods employees is being absent from work to attend in-person training for a day – and in some cases, several consecutive days. In the past, attending an in-person classroom or on-site training were the only options for dangerous goods compliance training. Sometimes travel would be required to get to the training location, which results in spending more time away from work and can also cause the employer to incur travel expenses in addition to the class fees.

Thankfully, today there are several methods of training at our disposal which help with overcoming these challenges. Self-paced online hazmat training is the most convenient way to fulfill dangerous goods training requirements. These programs, such as those offered through Hazmat University, allow the trainee 100% flexibility to start and pause the training at their leisure. Online hazmat training is also available 24/7 and accessible worldwide from any computer with an internet connection, which makes it convenient for anyone to use.

For those who still prefer instructor-led training, many training schools now offer instructor-led webinars. While these webinars don’t provide the same flexibility of self-paced online training, they successfully eliminate the need to travel to a training location. Webinars are truly the best of both worlds, offering interactive training in a web-learning environment.

Electronic Shipping Papers

Move over pens and pencils, because web-based shipping software is the way of the future. While hand-writing shipping papers is an option in some cases, many carriers won’t accept them anymore, especially for air shipments. Web-based software such as ShipHazmat modernizes and facilitate the creation of shipping papers. 

Besides eliminating the need to hand-write shipping papers, ShipHazmat offers many other valuable benefits to shippers and handlers of dangerous goods. ShipHazmat uses the latest 49 CFR, IATA, and IMDG regulations to provide only compliant options while filling out shipping papers. By using web-based software with built-in regulatory logic, this eliminates individual interpretation of the regulations and standardizes data input on shipping papers.

ShipHazmat also saves time inputting data by storing your addresses, technical names, and emergency response contact information. This resource allows for easy one-click auto-population into your shipping papers. Additionally, ShipHazmat is that it provides a package diagram which displays the required marks and labels for your shipment. There is no more need to attempt to visualize their placement in your head, nor apply them by guesswork.

Test These Dangerous Goods Compliance Tools Today

These and other technological advances from recent years serve to make dangerous goods compliance easier than ever before. Of course, even after reading this, you may still be hesitant to switch over. That is why Hazmat University offers a demo that provides you with a preview of our online hazmat training courses and their format. ShipHazmat also lets you try their compliance software free for five days. Use the code SHIP2019 to register for your free trial today.

Contact our friendly customer service team at 1-844-532-7364 for more details on how you can optimize and modernize your dangerous goods operations with these amazing web-based tools.