Online Learning Center

Frequently Asked Questions about Student Login and Registration

This is necessary to create an Online Learning Center student account. A student account is used to access courses, including viewing lessons and taking quizzes, as well as obtaining your certificate. Before you can login to the Online Learning Center, make sure you Register in the Online Learning Center.
People frequently purchase courses for others. The Online Learning Center does not keep track of purchases, but only Student Training Records. It's therefore necessary to register as a Student, regardless of whether you registered as a customer when making a purchase. You can use any e-mail address and password when registering as a student.
This is because you registered as a Student in the Online Learning Center, but you haven't clicked on the Activation link in the Account Activation e-mail. The Account Activation e-mail is sent from our system when you register as a student to make sure that you registered with a real e-mail address. Look for the Account Activation e-mail in your Inbox, or check your Junk or Spam folder. You should find the Account Activation e-mail there. If you can't find the Account Activation e-mail, click below to submit a support request.
Even if you registered as a customer in the Hazmat University store, if you haven't registered as a student in the Hazmat University Online Learning Center, you will need to do so. You can use any valid e-mail address and password, including those that you may have used as a customer in the store. Keep in mind that the information you provide in the Online Learning Center is kept separately from your customer information. If you change any of your Customer information in the Store, including e-mail address or password, it does not update your Student Record in the Online Learning Center. The same is true for any updates you make to your Student Record in the Online Learning Center; such updates will not be applied to your Customer Information in the Store.