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Why Take Online Hazmat Training With Hazmat University

Easy Ordering, Easy Access

As soon as you finalize your purchase for your desired course, you can begin your online hazmat training at your leisure. Forget unrealistic deadlines or strict dates of completion, at Hazmat University, you have the freedom to learn whenever or wherever you want. Whether you want to study from home, on the beach, or on the go, our easy online ordering process ensures you can become confident, competent, and compliant. Access your course(s) 24/7, via your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

User-friendly Learning Experience

All of our courses incorporate our innovative dynamic learning environment, which provides an enhanced training experience in a user-friendly interface that is interactive, easy to understand, and interesting. Each module incorporates advanced training techniques, including enhanced graphics, user interaction, and, in most cases, self-guided knowledge checks.  Using the interactive course menu, you can select which section you want to review and control how long it will take, whether you have already seen it or want to jump ahead, with the click of a mouse. Students may also restart slides, change to a previous or next one, or pause the slides so they can jot down notes without rushing, giving students control of their own training experience.

Hazmat Resources Keep You Updated

Choosing Hazmat University as your online hazmat training partner not only means access to our comprehensive training course catalog, but also includes access to our timely industry updates. The Hazmat University News and Info page keeps you up to date with breaking news from key regulatory bodies.  

Instant Certificate of Completion

Once you successfully complete and pass your training, you can enjoy an instantly generated certificate of completion. You’ll no longer have to wait for your certificate to arrive in the mail. Our proprietary process ensures expeditious lesson completion for each and every employee that requires training, every single time.

Have Questions?

Need help selecting the right online hazmat training course for your training needs?  Please call us at (844) 532-7634 or (609) 860-0300, and we'll be glad to help you!

Our office hours are Mon - Fri, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time. 

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