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For IMDG 2022 Edition, incorporating Amendment 41-22 of the IMDG Code

IMDG training online is critical because hazmat employees must handle and offer transportation for dangerous goods in ways that seek to prevent a dangerous goods incident from happening. This includes dangerous goods being transported by vessel. Such incidents can potentially threaten the integrity of the vessel, as well as the lives of employees, and incidents that occur at sea can also pose the serious threat of an environmental catastrophe that can immeasurably devastate sea life. Such incidents can be especially perilous if it occurs many miles away from the nearest shore, thereby highlighting the importance of IMDG training online.

The Necessity of IMDG Training Online

It is for these reasons that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) created the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code. This organization lists the globally recognized regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods over the sea. This is to ensure the safety of those transporting the materials, as well as the safety of those who would be indirectly affected by them. The IMDG also serves to prevent pollution and the destabilization of marine environments around the world. As such, hazmat employees must undergo IMDG training to understand these regulations and then make every effort to comply with them. Not only is this vital to safety, but it is also required by international and Federal law.

Convenient and Comprehensive IMDG Training Online

Hazmat University’s IMDG training online provides initial or recurrent training in mandated IMDG regulations and procedures to participants involved with the shipping, handling, and/or transport dangerous goods by vessel. IMDG training online is based on the requirements outlined in 49 CFR and the IMDG Code. Employees who have undergone initial or recurrent IMDG training online or in person in the past are required by law to undergo recurrent IMDG training online or in person at least once every three years. Hazmat University proudly offers its world-class IMDG training online so you can fulfill your initial or recurrent training from the convenience offered by a virtual training platform.

Included in this course at no additional cost are General Awareness and Security Awareness.

IMDG Training Online - Course Objectives

At the end of your IMDG online training, you should be able to:

  • Properly classify or understand the classification requirements of substances and articles according to their proper hazard class
  • Assign or verify the assignment of substances and articles to an appropriate identification name and associated UN number
  • Select or verify the correct packaging for the dangerous goods being shipped and understand applicable packing requirements
  • Select or apply the correct marks, labels, and placards for the material being shipped
  • Accurately complete or verify the shipping paper requirements for the transport of dangerous goods by vessel as outlined in the IMDG Code
  • Understand the requirements for security, safety, and emergency response as they relate to shipments of dangerous goods, and understand the requirements for IMDG training as required by the appropriate national and/or international authorities
  • Understand the rules and procedures to be followed for segregation of dangerous goods
  • Download and print a certificate of training upon successful completion of your IMDG training online

Additional information regarding U.S. Hazardous Materials Training requirements can be found at:

Regulatory Manuals

  • International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code - 2022 Edition 
  • Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR) - Electronic Version is available at
    • Printed version is optional.
  • Emergency Response Guide - PDF version is included with the course.
    • Printed version is optional.   

You will need to have access to the IMDG Code both for reference purposes in your day to day shipping operations, and while taking this course.  It can be purchased as a book or digital download from Air Sea Containers.

IMDG Training online for shippers, freight forwarders, and hazmat employees.

IMDG Training Online - Primary Audience

IMDG training online is intended for shippers, freight forwarders, and hazmat employees involved in the handling, shipping, and /or transport of dangerous goods by vessel.

This IMDG training online may also be applicable to personnel of Federal departments and agencies, such as government contractors, military armed forces personnel, and civilian subcontractors that are involved in shipping and transporting hazardous materials.

Are you a shipper, freight forwarder, or hazmat employee? Still have questions about IMDG training online? CLICK HERE to view Hazmat University’s FREE Online Training Guide.

Course Code:
None (for initial); Prior Vessel (IMDG) training (for recurrent)
Course Duration:
6 - 7 hours (Varies by Student)

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