49 CFR Shipments of Extracts, Liquid (For Flavoring or Aroma)

Navigating the complexities of hazmat shipping regulations often requires a keen eye for updates and amendments, especially when it comes to compliance with 49 CFR shipments. Recently, the PHMSA introduced the HM215Q ruling, ushering in crucial amendments that affect shipments falling under the 49 CFR regulations. Among these changes is the consolidation of UN 1169 and UN 1197 entries into a single UN 1197 entry, streamlining classification and hazard communication. Let’s delve into the details of these modifications and their implications for hazmat shippers.

49 CFR Shipments of Extracts, Liquid (For Flavoring or Aroma)

The International Harmonization ruling HM215Q recently published by PHMSA contains important 49 CFR amendments for those of you who have been preparing shipments in accordance with the 49 CFR §172.101 entries for UN 1169 Extracts, aromatic, liquid and/or UN 1197, Extracts, flavoring, liquid.

As these two entries were used interchangeably and there was no difference between them with regard to classification, hazard communication, and packaging for transport, this final rule harmonizes with the 22nd Edition of the UN Model Regulations in consolidating these two entries under a single entry of UN 1197, with a modified proper shipping name of Extracts, liquid for flavor or aroma. In doing so, the entry for UN 1169 has been removed from the §172.101 Hazardous materials Table.

This change has already been reflected in the current editions of the ICAO Technical Instructions, the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, and the IMDG Code, and thus authorized for use when shipping UN 1197 by air and vessel. This change to the 49 CFR Hazardous Materials Table will now enable to shippers to prepare their U.S. ground shipments using a consistent UN number and proper shipping name.

As always, please contact us at the Bureau of Dangerous Goods should you have any questions regarding this welcome change to the 49 CFR regulations.

Understanding 49 CFR Shipment Requirements with Hazmat University

Keeping abreast of these regulatory shifts is paramount for ensuring compliance and safety in hazmat shipments under the 49 CFR regulations. At the Hazmat University, we’re committed to guiding you through these changes and answering any questions you may have. Stay informed, stay compliant, and reach out to us for expert assistance in navigating the intricacies of hazmat shipping regulations.


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