Frequently Asked Questions for Hazmat Training Requirements

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Last month, PHMSA published their Final Rule article that sparked a few questions we often see for employees needing hazmat training. Check out a few of the FAQs that may help you in your coming training requirements:

How Often Should Hazmat Employees Undergo Training?

Hazmat employees are required to complete their initial training within a period of 90 days – starting from the date of their employment or from the date on which their job duties changed. Once the initial training is completed, they are required to undergo recurrent training at least once every three years in accordance with 49 CFR.

If a Hazmat Employee’s Job-Related Functions Change, Should they be Trained Again?

Yes. It’s the duty of hazmat employers to make sure each employee receives the training they need to perform their job-related functions safely and in compliance with the necessary hazmat regulations. If an employee’s job functions change, they must receive the training they need within a period of 90 days. During this time period, they can perform their job-related duties only under the supervision of a trained hazmat employee.

How Should a Hazmat Employer Decide the Right Kind of Function-Specific Training for Their Hazmat Employees?

The employer should first determine what kind of tasks and functions that a hazmat employee is required to perform within the course of their employment, find out how many of those tasks and functions are covered under Hazardous Materials Regulations, and decide the type and level of training needed in accordance with §172.704.

Do Hazardous Materials Regulations Authorize Online Training for Hazmat Employees?

Yes. Hazardous Materials Regulations don’t specify any particular type of training for hazmat employees. Online, virtual, or computer-based hazmat training is completely valid – as long as the training, testing, and recordkeeping requirements under §172.702 and §172.704 are met.

Who is Responsible for the Training of Hazmat Employees Working under a Subcontractor?

If a subcontractor’s employee meets the definition of a hazmat employee under §171.8, they can be considered a hazmat employee. As the person or entity that employs the hazmat employee in question, the subcontractor can be considered a hazmat employer. Being the employer, the subcontractor is responsible to making sure their employees receive the necessary training. They can choose to provide the training themselves or with the help of a qualified third-party.

What are the Penalties for Hazardous Materials Regulations Violations?

Violations of hazmat regulations can result in civil penalties, which can be quite substantial – depending on the nature and severity of the violation.

Currently, the maximum penalty for violations of hazardous materials transportation law is set at $99,756.

The maximum penalty for violations of hazmat regulations that lead to a hazmat incident or any kind of emergency involving hazardous materials, which results in severe injuries, serious illness, death, or substantial property destruction, is set at $232,762.

For hazmat training related violations, the minimum penalty is set at $601.

It should be noted that if more than one regulation is violated, each violation will be considered a separate offense. Similarly, if a violation is an ongoing one, each day of violation will be considered a separate offense and civil penalties will be imposed accordingly.

Are Drivers with Hazmat Endorsement Required to Receive Hazmat Training?

Yes. If a driver meets the definition of a hazmat employee, they must receive training in accordance with Subpart H to Part 172 – in addition to the driver training requirements specified in §177.816. If the driver in question has a hazmat endorsement, the training they received to obtain the endorsement can be used to substitute some of the training requirements they are required to meet under §172.704.

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