The Second Addendum to the IATA DGR 62nd Edition Has Been Posted

IATA (ICAO) Shipping by Air Online Hazmat Training

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) posted the second addendum to the IATA DGR 62nd edition. The addendum is effective January 1, 2021.

Significant Changes

• There was an update made to special provision A220 in the IATA DGR in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
• Special provision A220 was changed by the International Civil Air Organization (ICAO) to modify the application to be for COVID-19 pharmaceuticals as well as vaccines. The exception for applying the lithium battery marking to packages containing COVID-related vaccines and pharmaceuticals with lithium battery-powered data loggers is expanded to include packagings that are being sent for re-use without the vaccine or pharmaceutical.
• Other amendments include changes to State and Operator Variations.

How Do You Keep Track of All The IATA DGR Addendums?

You may be wondering why there are so many addendums to the IATA DGR 62nd edition. The nature of the publication requires input from many different entities including government agencies and airline operators. The content for the DGR must be finished in the summer of each calendar year to get the regulations published and shipped to users so they can prepare for the next year. Many entities are not ready to submit their changes in time for printing. Nearly every year, there is an early addendum to the DGR for this reason. More addendums may be issued as needed for corrections.

Many DGR users don’t know there is an area in the front of the book to record each addendum. In the 62nd edition, the table is found in the front matter on page xix. If you are an e-DGR user, the addendums are automatically updated into the program as long as it is connected to the internet.

Announcements about new addendums can be seen through many avenues including this Hazmat University blogs, news and resources, the vendor from whom the book was purchased, trade associations, and IATA.

Hazmat University Provides Latest Information on the IATA DGR 62nd Edition

Hazmat University has made a timely announcements about the IATA Addendums for 2021 to the 62nd edition of DGR and has included a copy of the addendums to all courses which include air transport regulations. Hazmat University has been committed to providing the latest information related to dangerous goods shipping regulations through its online hazmat training offerings. These training programs are designed to facilitate compliance with the latest regulatory requirements.

The training content for these courses has been developed by instructors with extensive industry experience regarding the subject for shipping dangerous goods / hazardous materials. Hazmat University constantly monitors the changes that may be made to regulations to provide the latest and updated training.

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