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online lithium batteries training

Hazmat employees are required to have a proper understanding of the regulations related to shipping and handling of hazardous materials. Shipping of lithium batteries is of particular concern because of their widespread use and the unique dangers and challenges they pose. Therefore, the online lithium batteries training course from Hazmat University is highly recommended and fulfills the mandated regulatory training requirements for eligible hazmat employees.

Types of Lithium Batteries Training  

 Hazmat University offers its lithium batteries course training (initial or recurrent) to participants engaged in the transportation, shipping and/or handling of lithium batteries by ground, air, or vessel. Hazmat employees who have received current training in the transportation of hazardous materials can take advantage of this online lithium batteries training as a supplemental or stand alone course for those that specialize in shipping lithium batteries. The training focuses on the various aspects of lithium battery shipping.

Course options offered by Hazmat University include:

  • Lithium Batteries Training Course – by Air
  • Lithium Batteries Training Course – by Ground
  • Lithium Batteries Training Course – by Vessel
  • Lithium Batteries Training Course – by Air & Ground
  • Lithium Batteries Training Course – by Ground & Vessel
  • Lithium Batteries Training Course – by Air & Vessel
  • Lithium Batteries Training Course – by Air, Ground & Vessel

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Hazmat University’s online lithium batteries training courses are intended for hazmat employees, shippers as well as freight forwarders engaged in the transportation, shipping, and/or handling of lithium batteries by air, ground or vessel, or a combination of these. Lithium batteries training include replacement or spare lithium batteries, lithium batteries packed with equipment, and lithium batteries contained in equipment.

IATA has released the 2021 Lithium Battery Guidance Document. To access a copy of the guide click here.

Advantages of Lithium Batteries Training

The flexible series of modal and multimodal initial or recurrent online lithium batteries training courses from Hazmat University provide a number of advantages, including:

  • The course content is designed to meet the transportation requirements of lithium batteries by focusing on the relevant requirements, and thereby delivering time and cost efficiency to the participants.
  • The course serves as a single solution that meets the standalone or supplemental training requirements (both initial and recurrent) of the relevant modal regulations.
  • The multimodal training options for lithium battery courses from Hazmat University consolidate the training content which is common to individual modal courses, while still covering the regulatory requirements found in 49 CFR, IATA DGR, and IMDG Code.
  •  Choosing an online lithium batteries training multimodal course that provides a combination of the required courses will give you access to the same content that you would have otherwise received through separate modal courses. At the same time, it gives you an opportunity to save significantly on your costs and time in comparison to individual courses.

 Why Should You Choose these Courses from Hazmat University?

 The valuable lithium batteries training courses from Hazmat University will guide the shippers and handlers of lithium batteries about the safety and regulatory compliance of their shipment.

Whether you need the training as a supplemental or a standalone course, these modal and multimodal lithium battery training courses will offer relevant information related to lithium battery shipping. This includes information specific to regulations for the classification, identification, marking, labeling, packing, documentation, placarding, and segregating as well as the requirement for emergency response and security.

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