Get Online Limited Quantities Training: ORM-D Exception Ends 12/31/2020

For those that have been shipping hazardous materials for a long time, it seemed the end of the ORM-D marking would never come.  The marking is used to communicate the existence of a consumer commodity within a package such as perfumes, disinfectants, paints, adhesives, and aerosols  just to name a few therefore time is running out get Online Limited Quantities training now.  A commonly used version of the marking is shown above.

What does the removal of the marking mean?

The elimination to be able to use this marking is only the more visible piece of a change to the regulations that are meant to harmonize the 49 CFR with other national and international regulations such as the ICAO/IATA DGR and IMDG Code.  In most other regulations, consumer commodities or small quantities of substances or articles meeting the definition of a hazardous material packaged and intended for retail sale, do not exist.  Retail products that are classified as hazardous materials can be shipped under limited quantity exceptions in most cases, when meeting the requirements prescribed. 

This also means that the hazmat employee must undergo additional hazmat training to understand this exception. Online Limited Quantities training is a compliant and convenient way to meet the training requirements under these unprecedented times while COVID-19 continues to cause chaos.

Do I have a limited quantity?

The decision of whether a material can be shipped under the limited quantity exceptions begins with the hazardous materials table.  Column 8A contains the cross-reference to 49 CFR, Part 173 where exceptions, including those for limited quantities, can be found. A “none” in this column means that no packaging exceptions are authorized and the material cannot be shipped as a limited quantity.

If there is a cross-reference in column 8A, that number is added to the end of 173 to give you the section where the exceptions can be found (ie. 173.150).

Why would I use limited quantity exceptions?

The limited quantity exceptions relieve shippers of the requirements for using United Nations performance packaging, documentation, labeling, and most marking requirements.  Packages containing limited quantities are required to be strong packaging and prevent breakage of inner containers under normal conditions of transport and must bear the limited quantity marking.

Shipments of limited quantities by air have additional requirements.  These requirements include standards for the inner containers, adding the hazard class label to the outside of the package, documentation and a slightly different limited quantity marking.

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