Hazmat Training: Introducing Hazmat University’s Dynamic Learning Environment

Hazmat University is all set to take online hazmat training to the next level with the launch of its Dynamic Learning Environment. This innovative training methodology is designed to make learning more interactive, experiential, and enriching. Whether you are looking for initial or recurrent hazmat training, the all-new Dynamic Learning Environment from Hazmat University promises to make the process easier, interesting, and even fun!

Ripe with interactive features, such as conversational online video training and self-guided knowledge checks, the industry-leading Dynamic Learning Environment will make your hazmat training experience a breeze. It will house all the primary courses, such as IATA Shipping by Air, 49 CFR Shipping by Ground, IMDG Shipping by Vessel, Multimodal Training, and more. Get ready for the launch on July 15th, and order your hazmat training course online with a 15% Summer Promotion discount (Coupon Code: SUMMER15).

Hazmat University’s Groundbreaking Transition to a Dynamic Learning Environment for Hazmat Training

For nearly 15 years, Hazmat University has led from the front with its highly rated online self-paced hazmat training courses. The rapid advancements in digital technology in recent years have provided the organization an opportunity to raise the bar for online training both in terms of content quality and presentation.

True to its pioneering spirit, Hazmat University has embraced cutting-edge digital innovations and invested significantly to develop upgraded courses for hazardous materials shipping featuring the transformative Dynamic Learning Environment. No wonder customers are loving the new experience because it empowers them with critical knowledge and training minus the monotony of a static learning experience.

What Distinguishes Hazmat University’s Dynamic Learning Environment from Others?

Unlike the traditional static online learning and training programs for hazardous materials shipping which might prove to be tiresome and tedious for students, a dynamic learning experience makes the same training more interactive and easier to accomplish with a more robust command of the concepts.

Hazmat University has invested in the latest digital tools and techniques to create a one-of-its-kind Dynamic Learning Environment that facilitates a higher level of learner engagement and involvement in the course. The results in terms of learner satisfaction and the quality of their comprehension levels are outstanding.

The variety of interactive features and the customizations incorporated in this unique mode of learning enable the course instructors at Hazmat University to build more personalized and blended online training experiences for the students. Driven by these innovations, the Dynamic Learning Environment sets the student up for excellence in their chosen course.

Hazmat University’s transition to the Dynamic Learning Environment is setting new standards for the hazardous materials online training industry. The system incorporates the all-new full modal and multimodal hazmat online training courses. Whether you are seeking initial or recurrent training, each course offering is designed to satisfy your training requirements, while making the learning process more engaging and enjoyable.

The three modes (Air, Ground, and Vessel) are available individually or in four multimodal combinations (Air-Ground, Ground-Vessel, Air-Vessel, and Air-Ground-Vessel). In addition, each of the multimodal combinations has been designed to make learning more efficient by eliminating duplicative subject matter among the modes.

Key Elements of Hazmat University’s Online Hazardous Materials Regulations Training

When you take Hazmat University’s online courses featuring the all-new Dynamic Learning Environment, you will learn:

  • Hazardous materials definition and the principal criteria that determine the nine hazard classes.
  • How to effectively navigate and utilize the applicable hazmat regulations
  • Hazmat packing, labeling, marking, placarding, documentation requirements
  • Mandatory requirements for the availability and provision of information related to Emergency Response procedures
  • Regulatory exceptions and how they would apply when you need to ship hazardous materials
  • Hazardous materials related security awareness training, addressing the risks associated with the transportation of hazardous materials, and the security enhancement methods during hazmat transportation

It is noteworthy that the US 49 CFR regulations mandate that recurrent training must be obtained every three years or less. For hazmat transportation by air in accordance with the ICAO guidelines (included in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations), it is mandatory for hazmat employees to complete refresher training every two years or less.

49 CFR (Shipping by Ground)

Individuals involved in the hazmat preparation or transport by ground (highway) from, to, or within the US require 49 CFR shipping by highway training. This DOT hazmat training for hazardous materials shipping may be initial or recurrent, as applicable.

IATA (Shipping by Air)

Anyone involved in dangerous goods shipping by air is required to complete IATA (ICAO) shipping by air training. The IATA DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulations) are the most widely used hazmat air transport regulations. Initial or recurrent training is required as applicable.

IMDG (Shipping by Vessel)

When the job function involves dangerous goods shipping by vessel, the individual should complete the appropriate training for shipping by vessel. 49 CFR authorizes shipments prepared as per the IMDG Code to be shipped by vessel. Initial or recurrent training is required as may apply.

Multimodal Air & Ground Training

When the job function involves the preparation of hazardous material shipments by ground and by air, the individual should complete multimodal air and ground training. The training covers all the necessary requirements of 49 CFR and IATA DGR. Initial or recurrent training is required as applicable.

Multimodal Ground & Vessel Training

Anyone working in the field of dangerous goods where ground and vessel transport intersect should complete multimodal ground and vessel training. Hazmat employees with these job functions must understand the applicable regulations and how to carry out their specific job duties. Initial or recurrent training is required as may apply.

Multimodal Air & Vessel Training

The transporting of hazardous materials may require transfer from ground to air then vessel. Individuals involved in the shipping of dangerous goods afloat or aloft are required to have multimodal vessel and air training in order to learn the relevant aspects of IMDG Code and IATA DGR. Initial or recurrent training is required as applicable.

Multimodal Air, Ground & Vessel Hazmat Training

This comprehensive multimodal training covers information related to all three modes of shipping hazardous materials and their applicable regulations: 49 CFR, IATA DGR, and IMDG Code. Multimodal ground, air, and vessel training is required for individuals in job functions involving all three transport modes. Initial or recurrent training is required as may apply.

Advantages of Online Hazmat Training from Hazmat University Over Classroom Training


Unlike traditional classroom training and even some online programs for the shipping of hazardous materials that are governed by rigid timelines, Hazmat University’s Dynamic Learning Environment encourages self-paced learning. Depending on your job schedule and responsibilities as well as your inclination to absorb information quickly or gradually, you can set your own pace for the best results.

Available 24/7

In a traditional setting, hazmat training may only be available at specific times in a month or a year. But when you choose Hazmat University’s online courses in a Dynamic Learning Environment, you have 24/7 access to the course. No matter where you are located and when you want to study, you can continue your online training in hazardous materials shipping at will.

Interactive Design

The Dynamic Learning Environment in all of Hazmat University’s online courses allows for interactive features, such as online video training, self-guided knowledge checks, quizzes, and slideshows with voice recording. These features backed by a user-friendly interface give you full control over your training experience and provide an engaging and interesting way to complete the course successfully.

Cost-Effective Hazmat Training

Hazmat University’s online courses save you the time and cost you might otherwise spend visiting a physical location for classroom training. Moreover, when you choose multimodal training courses that are a part of Hazmat University’s Dynamic Learning Environment, it may prove to be more cost-effective compared to the option of buying each course separately. Hazmat University is committed to making high quality online hazmat training as affordable as possible.

Instant Hazmat Certification

Once you have complete one of the online training courses featuring the Dynamic Learning Environment at Hazmat University, you will receive the certificate of completion instantly. This eliminates the time lag and stress of waiting for your proof of course completion to arrive in the mail. Instant certification enables you to move seamlessly from a student to a hazmat employee or an employee requiring recurrent training to a re-certified employee.

Have Questions About Hazmat University’s Dynamic Learning Environment for Hazmat Training Online?

Do you wish to learn more about our updated online hazmat training courses featuring Dynamic Learning Environment for hazardous materials transportation? Or, do you need assistance with choosing the appropriate online course for you or your workforce? Visit our website to find an online demo of our all-new courses featuring the Dynamic Learning Environment. To mark this new launch, we will also be running a 15% Summer Promotion beginning July 15th (Coupon Code: SUMMER15). To place your order or to speak to one of our friendly representatives, call (844) 427-0167 or visit us online.

Those interested in exploring a demo of the new Dynamic Learning Environment are encouraged to do so here.

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