Hazmat University: Exploring IATA Addendum 2021

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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has recently published a new addendum to its Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) – 62nd Edition. The IATA addendum 2021 has come into effect from January 1st. Several significant additions and changes have been made in this document, particularly in the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis.

Key Items in IATA Addendum 2021

Here are some of the important changes to note in the new addendum:

  • Hand-sanitizers (alcohol-based) have been added to the list of products which do not come under regulatory purview when passengers and crew members carry them aboard an airplane for hygiene purposes. 
  • IATA has made an exception for COVID-19 vaccines that contain GMMOs or GMOs from getting classified as UN3245. This also includes vaccines that may currently be in clinical trials.
  •  A220 is a new special provision that has been added to the dangerous goods list for UN3481 and UN3091. According to the special provision, packages that contain COVID vaccines along with data loggers and/or devices for cargo tracking, which contain lithium batteries, will not be subject to the requirements of documentation or marking under Packing Instruction 970 or 967 (Section II) as applicable.

DG Statement on AWB – Changes Made

The IATA Addendum 2021 includes certain changes to the DG statement on AWBs (Airway Bills). The language that is used on the AWB when dangerous goods are offered on a Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods has been updated. This change has been incorporated in the 62nd edition of the DGR and will come into effect starting on 1st January 2023.

For a shipment of dangerous goods where a Shipper’s Declaration for dangerous goods is required, the air waybill must include either of these two statements in the box containing “handling information”:

  • “Dangerous goods as per attached Shipper’s Declaration”
  • “Dangerous goods as per attached DGD”

The word “attached” has now been replaced with the word “associated” according to the addendum

It is important to note that this requirement will not take effect until January 1st, 2023, we are currently in transition, however the 2021 Dangerous Goods Checklist does not mention the current option listed above which can be confusing to air carriers if this has not been made clear to them through proper training or review of the current regulations. The term “attached” will be acceptable though December 31st, 2022.iata addendum 2021

IATA Addendum 2021: Changes and Updates are Necessary

With the advancements in technology, efficiencies are improving, but the concerns related to security are also growing more urgent. The air shipment industry has recognized the importance of having a digitized process to communicate information related to dangerous goods. Most dangerous goods shipments for air transportation have a requirement to provide a Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods.

Hazmat University Provides Latest Information on IATA Addendum 2021

Hazmat University has made a timely announcement about the IATA Addendum 2021 to the 62nd edition of DGR and has included a copy of the addendum to all courses which include air transport regulations. Hazmat University has been committed to providing the latest information related to dangerous goods shipping regulations through its online hazmat training offerings. These training programs are designed to facilitate compliance with the latest regulatory requirements. 

The training content for these courses has been developed by instructors with extensive industry experience regarding the subject for shipping dangerous goods / hazardous materials. Hazmat University constantly monitors the changes that may be made to regulations to provide the latest and updated training.

Hazmat University specializes in hazmat online courses, initial or recurrent for employees, shippers, and freight forwarders that are required to carry out functions involving the dangerous goods regulations. To learn more about the online hazmat training courses or to speak to a knowledgeable Hazmat University representative, call at (844) 427-0167 or complete this online contact form today.