Why Take IMDG (IMO) Shipping by Vessel Online Hazmat Training?

Why Take IMDG (IMO) Shipping by Vessel Online Hazmat Training

Why Take IMDG (IMO) Shipping by Vessel Online Hazmat Training?

 When dangerous goods are required to be shipped by vessel, it is mandatory to abide by several key regulations. For the transport of dangerous goods these regulations are codified in the IMDG Code (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code). In addition, the requirements of 49 CFR must also be followed when shipping of dangerous goods by vessel involves the United States and its territories. The U.S. Hazardous Materials Regulations authorize use of the IMDG Code as a means of compliance with the HMR when at least one segment of transport involves sea transport. This authorization can be found in §171.22   Authorization and conditions for the use of international standards and regulations.

If your job involves shipping, handling and/or transportation of dangerous goods by vessel, you can obtain the IMDG (IMO) shipping by vessel online hazmat training from Hazmat University. The IMDG certification training is mandatory for dangerous goods shipments by vessel.

Benefits of IMDG (IMO) Shipping by Vessel Online Hazmat Training

Hazmat University proudly offers IMDG (IMO) shipping by vessel online hazmat training that is in compliance with the official training requirements stipulated by IMDG. The course is designed to provide initial as well as recurrent training that is required for participants engaged in the transportation, shipping, and/or handling of non-radioactive, non-bulk dangerous goods by vessel.

When the employees receive training in the preparation of shipments for dangerous goods by vessel, it enhances the safety and effectiveness of the organization. Resource wastage and time lag is reduced, which eventually improve the business bottom line. At the same time, the mandatory training is also critical to prevent the consequences of non-compliance.

The IMDG  shipping by vessel online hazmat training from Hazmat University enables hazmat employees to learn easily at a self-paced rate and become IMDG-trained or to maintain continuity of their existing certification. Once the training is completed Hazmat University provides instant proof of training completion of the mandatory course without any gap between the employee obtaining the proof of training required to obtain employer certification and beginning or continuing the job of shipping, handling or transporting dangerous goods by vessel.

Hazmat University’s online course properly covers all the prescribed areas of training, which include general awareness, safety, security, classifying, identifying, packing, marking, labeling, documentation, segregating, and placarding of the dangerous goods that are required to be shipped by vessel.

Why this Online IMDG Training is Vital?

IMDG (IMO) shipping by vessel online hazmat training from Hazmat University is critically important because employees must be able to handle and transport dangerous goods in ways that prevent or minimize the occurrence of dangerous goods incidents when shipping by vessel.

Any incidents of this sort may not only threaten the vessel’s integrity but also put the employees’ lives at risk. Moreover, incidents occurring at sea may also damage the environment and sea life. If an incident occurs miles offshore, the perils can increase many times over. Proper training could have prevented the Beirut Port Explosion.

IMDG Code Amendment 40-20 Implementation Delayed until June 2022

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has delayed the effective date of Amendment 40-20 of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code until June 1, 2022. IMO stated that delays in the IMO meeting schedule caused by the COVID-19 pandemic prompted them to delay the release of Amendment 40-20 until early in 2021.
Voluntary compliance with Amendment 40-20 is allowed as of January 1, 2021, or once the book is released. While IMO will delay mandatory compliance with amendment 40-20 until June 1, 2022, it is important to check with your carrier about when they will expect compliance with the new amendment.
Hazmat University will update course content to Amendment 40-20 as soon as it becomes available. Please see here a summary of the significant changes in IMDG Code Amendment 40-2.

Comprehensive and Convenient IMDG Training

 Hazmat University’s IMDG shipping by vessel online hazmat training is comprehensive and based on the requirements specified in the IMDG Code and 49 CFR. This world-class online training can help the participants complete their mandatory training (initial or recurrent) in a convenient manner through an advanced and user-friendly virtual training platform.

The course’s self-paced flexibility allows for the participants to choose their own pace to complete the training. The Certificate of Training can also be downloaded and printed conveniently online upon course completion.

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