49 CFR Online Training: Can You Pluralize Proper Shipping Names?

49 cfr online training

All articles and substances that meet the definition of hazardous materials (HM) and dangerous goods (DG) for transportation in commerce must be assigned a Proper Shipping Name (PSN) from the HM/DG list of the appropriate regulations, such as 49 CFR, IMO-IMDG Code, ICAO-IATA DGR, or ADR.

As Hazmat University teaches in the 49 CFR online training modules, choosing the PSN is a critical step in ensuring that hazardous materials offered for transport are accurately described and represent the hazards they pose. This is the first step to determine packaging, marking, labeling, and shipping paper requirements.

What is a Proper Shipping Name (PSN)?

A PSN is a name used to describe a particular article or substance in all hazard communication, documents, and packaging as it relates to transportation by all modes (highway, rail, air, and ocean) if applicable.

According to  49 CFR §171.8, a PSN is the name of the hazardous materials shown in Roman print/type in the Hazardous Materials Table (HMT). 

Entries in the HMT can be categorized in 4 ways:

  1.   Single entries for well-defined articles or substances
  2.   Generic entries for a well-defined group of articles or substances
  3.   Specific entries (Not Otherwise Specified): this covers a group of articles or substances of a certain technical or chemical nature.
  4.   General entries (Not Otherwise Specified): this covers a group of articles or substances that meet the criteria of 1 or more divisions or classes.

Can PSN be Pluralized?

The short answer? Yes, PSN can be pluralized. But let’s dig a little deeper. 

49 CFR 172.101(c) states that the PSN may be used in singular or plural. The ADR, IMO-IMDG Code, and ICAO-IATA regulations have similar statements about the use of plural PSN.

There are many examples of PSN in the regulations that can be pluralized or used in the singular format such as:

  1. UN126, Paint (Paints)
  2. UN1044, Fire extinguishers (Fire extinguisher)
  3. UN3268, Safety devices (Safety device)
  4. UN2990, Life-saving appliances, self-inflating (Life-saving appliance, self-inflating)

49 CFR Online Training: Learn About Proper Shipping Names

Hazmat University offers comprehensive training to help you properly understand the requirements for classification and identification to select the most appropriate PSN for substances and articles meeting the definition of HM or DG. The modal or multimodal courses are intended for shippersfreight forwarders, and hazmat employees involved in the handling, shipping, and/or transport of HM/DG.

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