General Awareness Training – Who Needs it and Why?

general awareness training

A dangerous goods online General Awareness online training course from Hazmat University is designed to familiarize participants with the requirements of the dangerous goods transportation regulations. The training will enable the employees to identify and recognize hazardous materials / dangerous goods in conformance with domestic and international training requirements.

The participants will receive an informative overview of different types of regulated functions related to hazardous materials transportation, such as: 

  •  Identification
  •  Packing
  •  Marking
  •  Labeling
  •  Placarding
  •  Documentation
  •  General handling
  • Ensure safety and security of dangerous goods in commerce. 

General Awareness training is based on the requirements outlined in the most current version of the IATA DGR and the ICAO Technical Instructions, and complies with Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR) Subpart H, Section 172.704 and the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code.

Who can Benefit from Dangerous Goods Online General Awareness Training?

Hazmat University’s dangerous goods online General Awareness training course is not just meant to supplement a function-specific training focusing on a particular transport mode. It is also designed to be a vital training program for individuals engaged in the transportation, shipping and/or handling of dangerous goods who may not necessarily have a direct impact in transporting or handling of dangerous goods.

These same hazmat employees may need to identify dangerous goods in the handling process or possibly discover undeclared dangerous goods while receiving dangerous goods into the supply chain. 

For this reason, domestic and international regulations have made it mandatory under the law for all hazmat employees to receive General Awareness and Security Awareness training at least once in three years.  

Ensuring Compliance with the Regulations

The hazardous materials online General Awareness training is aimed at assisting both employees and employers to maintain compliance with the relevant federal as well as international regulations.

The purpose of the training is to educate and inform hazmat employees on the ways to ensure that the transportation process is protected against any interference from intruders. At the same time, it also gives employees guidance regarding appropriate responses should any type of interference occur. The General Awareness online course from Hazmat University includes the most current information on the applicable regulations mandates.

What do the Regulations Specify?

The relevant section of 49 CFR states with regard to the mandatory requirement for dangerous goods training that every hazmat employee should be provided with familiarization and general awareness training aimed to familiarize them with the appropriate Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR).

Equal requirements for this training have also been prescribed by the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) Code and IATA DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulations – International Air Transport Association). There are no prerequisites for the participants who are required to take this course.

The length of the online general awareness training course can vary from one student to another, but it typically takes one to two hours to complete. Once the course has been completed, the participant can download their certificate of completion.

Hazmat General Awareness Online Training Course: Order Now!

If your job involves minimal handling of dangerous goods, such as providing customer service, mailroom responsibilities, sales and you do not have a direct impact on transportation, you can benefit from Hazmat University’s General Awareness online training.

 If you are not sure which of our courses apply to you or if you are seeking cost-effective and self-paced training options, you are at the right place. Select your course and order here or call us at (844) 427-0167 to learn more.