How to Make the Most of Your Online HAZMAT Training

online hazmat training


Who Needs to Be Trained

U.S. and international law requires that employees whose job functions(s) affect the safe transportation of hazardous materials, also known as dangerous goods, receive proper and appropriate training prior to performing that function.  In the United States, these employees are referred to as “hazmat employees”, and their employer is responsible to ensure their training is appropriate and current. Training must be applicable to the mode(s) of transport being utilized and must be refreshed on either a three-year or two year (air) frequency.

There are numerous examples of “hazmat employees”, but typical to the definition are employees who are performing any of the “pre-transportation functions” or “transportation functions” involving dangerous goods that are specified in U.S. 49 CFR §171.1.

It’s very likely that either you or someone you know meets the definition of a “hazmat employee”; otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article in the first place.  In addition to traditional training options, online hazmat training is a great option.

HAZMAT Training Options

Traditionally, there have been many ways to accomplish hazmat training, incorporating or combining classroom training in a public or onsite setting, on-the-job employer training, public or private webinar training, and increasingly, online hazmat training.  Each of these methods can be utilized to establish appropriate training, but establishing the actual training needs of the trainee is crucial to determining the best path of compliance.

With the advances and availability of modern technology, online hazmat training has become increasingly sought-after: and, when completed properly, can be an effective method of accomplishing the training required. 

As a respected provider of modal and multi-modal online dangerous goods training for more than a decade, Hazmat University can help you make the most of any online hazmat training courses that you choose to complete.

The Benefits of Online HAZMAT Training

Hazmat employees play a critical and appreciated role in maintaining a safe transportation system throughout the world and should have every interest in making sure their training results in them feeling competent and confident in doing their job.

Online hazmat training offers flexibility, convenience, and is both time and cost-effective.  Hazmat University trainees can pace their learning, review the provided lessons as needed prior to examination, and choose the time and place to complete the course, stopping and restarting the lessons as outside needs may dictate.

Having said this, what is the best way to get the most out of hazmat online training where there is not an instructor physically present?

Using Online HAZMAT Training to Your Best Advantage

At Hazmat University, we’ve put in a lot of time developing our online hazmat training, which includes taking the courses numerous times ourselves.  We’d like to give you some tips on using online hazmat training to your best advantage:

Be Prepared  

Have at your fingertips the most current modal regulations that your course is based on.  Have a pen and paper available for notes that you may want to take, just as if you were taking a traditional course.

Pay attention 

Try to free yourself from outside distractions.  We know that’s not always easy, but we recommend turning off the cell phone and scheduling regular breaks for yourself so you can check any voice or email messages you may have received.

Cite Authoritative Material 

Follow along with your regulations as the lessons walk you through each process, as the courses are designed to teach you how to navigate the regulations and find the information that you need when you need it.  Tab or sticky-note any references in the regulations that you want to be able to find quickly.

Practice Makes Perfect 

Once you learn a particular process, take some time to formulate how it applies to your shipments.  Envision preparing a shipment of your own product based on what you’ve learned – practicing it on paper helps too!

Continue to Ask Questions 

As you learn, write down any questions you may want to have answered as to how the regulations are implemented in your own workplace. 

Don’t Rush

If at any point you find that the course has gotten ahead of your comprehension, stop.  Review the lesson, and if necessary consult a trained and knowledgeable person in your workplace to help you put the information in perspective as it relates (or doesn’t relate) to your situation.

Take Breaks When Needed 

Any training can begin to feel tedious at times, and this includes online hazmat training courses.  Take advantage of the fact that you can stop the course whenever you want and resume it when your mind feels refreshed and ready again.

Learn at Your Pace 

The flexibility of online hazmat training means you don’t have to cram it all in at once, but do try to complete all of the lessons within a reasonable period of time so what you’ve already learned remains fresh as you move on through the course.

Get Tech Support if Needed

And finally, should you encounter any difficulties such as technical glitches, don’t despair!  No technological tool is totally immune to occasional glitches, and while very rare, they have occurred with Hazmat University. Contact us at support, and we’ll be sure to get you right back on track.

 Take Online Hazmat Training With Hazmat University

Experience the most engaging and convenient way to accomplish necessary online hazmat training with Hazmat University. Visit us online at where you can browse our modal and multi-modal dangerous goods online training options and watch a demo of how our online hazmat training works.  HazmatUniversity’s online training is accessible on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC 24/7– so get comfortable and get compliant!