Hazmat Regulation Updates: The Semi-Annual Regulatory Agenda

Supreme Court - Hazmat Regulations

Workers shipping or handling hazardous materials must always be mindful of the relevant regulations while performing their duties. Nevertheless, these hazmat regulations are subject to changes, with rules being added, amended, or removed periodically. Irrespective of your role in the process, one vital question must always be considered: are you adhering to the most current regulations?

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Twice a year, all Departments of the Federal government publish their Regulatory Agenda. This document includes all current and projected rulemakings, reviews of existing regulations, and completed rulemaking actions taken by a Department. In this blog, we are going to look at the Department of Transportation’s agenda specifically those rules related to hazmat. The latest agenda was published July 27th.

Why Should You Review the Regulatory Agenda?

The Regulatory Agenda provides the public with information about DOT’s planned regulatory activity for the next 12 months. Having access to this information allows the public to prepare for future actions by the Department and participate in the regulatory process. It can also be an excellent tool to prepare your company for any changes that may be coming along. Nothing in the agenda imposes new obligations for the public.

The agenda tends to highlight those rulemakings that are considered significant by PHMSA. In this agenda, PHMSA doesn’t have any significant rulemaking planned for the ground, vessel or air mode over the next 12 months.

What Does the Absence of Significant Rulemakings Mean for Hazmat Regulations?

PHMSA designates each rulemaking as significant or otherwise. A significant rulemaking generally comes as a result of Congressional action or a serious safety issue that needs to be addressed quickly. The fact that PHMSA doesn’t have any significant rulemakings listed for ground, vessel, or air does not mean there are no rulemakings expected in the next 12 months.

PHMSA routinely presents to the public and publishes news releases about its planned rulemakings. PHMSA recently announced the following rulemaking priorities for 2023:

  • HM-208J – Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to adjust PHMSA’s statutorily mandated registration and fee assessment program
  • HM-215Q – Final Rule on international harmonization of the hazmat regulations
  • HM-250A – Final Rule on compatibility with the IAEA regulations
  • HM-264A – Final Rule on LNG suspension

Where Are Rulemakings Published?

All rulemakings are published in the Federal Register. The Federal Register is published daily and includes all of the rulemakings from every Department. PHMSA’s rulemakings are published under the Department of Transportation.   

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